Saturday, October 9, 2010

fane is in town!
we met at training in april.
we are very similar. had similar upbringings. and i believe i was meant to meet him.
our paths sort of crossed in february, without us knowing.
he lives in florida. while at training we talked about tim burton. he said he went to the exhibit in nyc in feb. i said i did too! he told me the date he went to see it. i went the same day...when you bought tickets to see the exhibit, you had to reserve a time of day as well. they were within an hour of each other.
so we were wandering the exhibit at the same time. i find this so interesting and bizarre...
anyway, fane is rad and he helps me out and i hope i do the same for him.

vegan ding dongs at big city small world bakery in ann arbor.
yowza! had to cheat and have sugar and wheat for this baby! mmmmm